The small-bodied species of the Skyrian horse is one of the rarest horse breeds in the world. It was native to Greece, and in ancient times lived throughout the country. At the time of writing [2009] there are 220 Skyrian horses in Greece, of which 152 live in Skyros. The Skyrian horse is a protected species.

The Skyrian horses are friendly, social, robust, intelligent animals; they are particularly friendly breed. Maximum height is 116 cm. and body-type is similar to that of the large horse. The head is very handsome, the mane being long and richly coloured, usually in a hue darker than skin colour. Compared to other horses, they have a big belly. Their legs are slim, strong and wiry, with strong joints. The tail is low set, tasseled and long. Often it reaches the hooves, which are small, hard, usually black in colour, and do not need shoeing. A particular characteristic are the hairs on the fetlocks, the so-called feathers. Colour is usually a brown-red or chestnut hue, sometimes white or grey-brown, rarely blond. Some individuals have a white mark on their face (star- or rebas-shaped). The Skyrian horse belongs to the species Equus Cabalusbut because of its small size it is considered a different race designated Equus Cabalus Skyros Ponior Equus Cabalus Skyriano.


The Skyrian Horse Society is a non-profit association founded in January 2006. It is registered in Skyros, and its members are individuals and legal entities from throughout Greece that own Skyrian horses. The aims of the Society are to record genealogical data, and help in preserving, promoting and developing the species. The Society collaborates with "Amaltheia" (the Greek branch of the Save Foundation) and with the "Greek Society for Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage". The Society is funded by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Foodstuffs for the project of recording and maintaining genealogical data on all Skyrian horses in Greece, by its members' annual subscriptions, and by donations. We have also developed a program for "adopting" Skyrian horses, whereby a considerable part of the horse's expenses are covered.


We are always seeking new ways to improve the horses' living conditions in their natural habitat, and to showcase the value of the Skyrian horses in Skyros itself and throughout Greece.

We participate in conferences and day-seminars, such as the event organised by the Municipality of Skyros on May 2 and 3, 2008 on the subject of "Saving the Skyrian Horse at Mt. Kohylas". All participants at the conference stressed how necessary it is for our Society to continue to pursue its activities.

By means of kind donations by friends of the Skyrian horse, we produced a 60-minute documentary film about the Skyrian horse and the Society's activities. In July and August 2009 it was shown at a very successful presentation in the grounds of the local High School. All of those who care for the horses, the island's dignitaries and the inhabitants were invited, and were informed about the activities of the Society and the support programs made available by the Ministry of Agricultural Development.

In the spring of 2009 we helped the Skyros Elementary School implement the environmental education programs which are part of the Prefecture's annual curriculum. We created premises to house six representative small horses, we published booklets and posters, and spoke to 400 children from all over Evia about the Skyrian horse. The children loved it, and asked to visit again. We also invited two schools from Athens in the context of similar programs.

We organise and participate in environment-protection initiatives. With the help of the Skyros Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Skyros, we held a presentation on horse-grooming in Skyros (summer 2006) and organised an educational trip to the Silva estates in Corfu (September 2007). In the summer of 2008 we worked together with the local committee of the Greek Society to present an exhibition of photography. We organise regular excursions to Mt. Kohylas for the schoolchildren.

We support private initiatives, such as riding lessons and related activities for children, who display a strong interest in the Skyrian horse.

Lastly, we have begun a program for the adoption of Skyrian horses.

Donations by friends of the Skyrian horse will enable us to:

- Protect the Skyrian horse and its natural habitat.

- Care for wounded or sick horses, to enable them to survive in their natural habitat.

- Raise the awareness of the children, by organising environmental action programs throughout Greece.

- Inform the wider public about our activities.

1. Cash donation by deposit in the NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE

Account No. 807/296021-46

ΙΒΑΝ: GR6301108070000080729602146

2. Postal cheque addressed to the head office of the Society:

Skyrian Horse Society, Skyros, Evia 34007

Contact number: +30 2222091618

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