About Us

Businesses are welcoming Lambros on Skyros, giving you a pleasant stay in rooms that feature a culinary creations from their restaurant. The rooms are located in Skyros Aspous in a green quiet and hospitable environment, 500 meters from the beach and 100m from the main road is 4 km from the town and harbor and open all the time. All rooms, tv, air contition, refrigerator, balconies, parking and some of them kitchenette. The restaurant was started in 1971 by his grandfather Lambros and continues with the next generation is always the best quality and best prices. With us you will enjoy homemade Greek cuisine (certified by the mark of Greek cuisine EOT) as well as fresh fish, lobster and grilled on charcoal. Thanks for your confidence in us and we will always do the best for you.



  •   +30 22220 91388 - 6942 849263

  •     Aspous

  •   lamprou.eu@gmail.com