About Us

Staying in vacation rentals Lycomedes you to explore and enjoy the experience of local island hospitality. Discover an island in the Aegean Sea, different from others! Experience the incredible beauty of the perfectly calm and wild landscape! Skyros is the diversity of the natural landscape combines beaches with crystal clear waters and pine green switch with unique landscapes of rocky land, sculpted by the elements of nature. The very calm, peaceful and hospitable people will welcome you with a unique way to enjoy an unforgettable holiday of relaxation and enjoyment! The rooms Lycomedes will find them soon arrive in Skyros either by ferry or on your own private yacht. It is built at the main port of Skyros Island Linaria and has a wonderful panoramic view of the harbor built amphitheater. Linaria on Skyros is a destination for all seasons! During the summer months you are given the opportunity to make excursions by boat or your boat in the beautiful small islands that surround the island, swim in wonderful clean beaches and explore inaccessible caves. During the winter months you can enjoy hiking and in full swing in Skyros Carnival is famous all over Greece and abroad. Throughout his time in Skyros you can experience the unique atmosphere of festivals. Finally the only Skyros Pony deserves your attention because you will not find in any other part of the world! The owners of rented rooms Lycomedes create for you a warm and yet discreet hospitality. They are ready to share with you the beauty of the island and become 'drivers' your adventures on land and sea.