Skyros island  lies almost in the center of the Aegean Sea, and placed in Sporades island complex, although the distance is greater than the distance of the island of Evia, which lies about 35 kilometers east (22 nautical miles) . Its area is estimated to be approximately 210 sq. km. miles, while its population is about 3,500 residents.

The largest part of Skyros is mountainous, with two distinct mountain ranges in the northern and southern parts. Among them there is semi lowland and semi hilly area, which is north south direction, between the northern eastern and southern coasts of the island. The northern part is covered with dense pine forest, while the successive hills and mountains dominate the top Olympus. The southern part is dominated by the massif of the shell (792 m), while the mountains are rocky wasteland. In a sense, the northern part resembles natural landscapes that one encounter in the Sporades and Evia north, while the south with the landscapes of southern Evia but even in the Cyclades.

The climate is Mediterranean Skyros, as in most of the Aegean islands, and is characterized by cool summers and mild winters. The predominance of northern winds to the island in summer tempers maximum temperatures compared with inland areas, significantly reducing the discomfort index. The average annual temperature is 17C. Rainfalls occurring mainly during the winter and in summer are rare and occur mainly as brief thunderstorms. The total annual rainfall reaches 500 mm. Snowfalls occur sporadically in the winter but snow accumulation in the coastal parts of the island are rare.

Its capital is the City or Village or Skyros, which is located in the north-eastern part of the island in the Aegean Sea. Adjacent villages of the country are the Magazia, Molos, Gyrismata and Pouria, which extend to the levels north of the capital to the sea. On the north coast, south of the town are also Aspous and Achilli, while the northern part of the island there are also settlements Trachi, where is the airport of Skyros and Atsitsa on the western coast. The main port is Linaria, on the southwestern coast of the homonymous bay, where the island is connected with the rest of Greece. In the next bay extends the settlement Acherounes and west Pefkos. East of Linaria is the settlement Kalamitsa the homonymous bay.

Skyros belongs to the prefecture of Evia, which also preserves important cultural and historical ties. The island is an autonomous municipality with a single district. In the municipality of Skyros within all settlements on the island, and the islands that lie near it.